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Nursing is a calling. You know why you became a nurse. Currently there is huge demand across the country, and working per diem and traveling is becoming more and more popular. You can work on your own terms, earn a much higher hourly rate, with a far more flexible schedule.

Traditionally, the way to fill urgent and often temporary need has been to go through expensive agencies. MyCoverNurse exists to connect hospitals and nurses without the need for the expensive middleman and agency fees.

At MyCoverNurse, we focus on the areas of biggest demand including both floor and ICU nurses. Our goal at MyCoverNurse is to produce a win-win solution for both nurses and hospitals. Nurses find great local per diem opportunities and hospitals find great local nurses.


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Any nurse who is available to work on a temporary basis in their area. This could be on certain days during the week, weekends, evenings or nights. You could be a nurse with a full-time job or a nurse who is also in school. You could be a nurse just returning from maternity leave or a nurse who simply just wants to do extra work in your spare time. Either way, it’s free for you to register and your information is completely confidential. When you are contacted by a local hospital, YOU can negotiate your rate directly with the hospital. If you decide to proceed with the opportunity, the hospital can start work credentialing you.
We currently cover a range of specialties including medical, surgical and ICU nurses.
A hospital or clinic has an urgent need to fill shifts for the upcoming months. Getting nurses to cover these shifts can be very haphazard and a huge time and stress. An agency will often be contacted and will charge high fees. Instead, why not have direct access to a pool of nearby nurses that have availability to cover those shifts? You can get in touch with them to negotiate the terms of the contract. From there, the decision is yours.
If you are a nurse, registering on the site is free. All your information is completely confidential. You simply tell us your geographic area, specialty and availability. You don’t have to provide your CV (unless you want to) until you are contacted by the hospital. You can also specify if there are certain hospitals you don’t wish to be contacted by.
When you register, tell us your location and need. We will be in touch with you regarding how you can get directly in contact with nearby qualified nurses.
We operate much like a matching service. If a hospital decides that a nurse is a good fit for them and compensation and availability are agreed, other processes such as hospital credentialing can proceed from there. Often, an expedited process can be done when there’s an urgent need. The nurse can then have an ongoing relationship with the hospital lasting months or years.
We are a completely free service for both parties. We operate only as a “matching service”. We do not credential our nurses or offer malpractice insurance. It is up to the hospital to vet the candidate and decide if they are a suitable fit. The rate of pay is agreed upon directly between the hospital and nurse.
This is up to the hospital and nurse to negotiate. Many nurses who do per diem or moonlighting work carry their own malpractice insurance and even if you don’t, hospitals that have urgent need will often offer it as part of their contract.
At MyCoverNurse, we are all about long-term relationships. Many nurses start with per diem moonlighting work and then move on to full-time work. It’s up to the hospital and nurse to decide if there’s potential for this opportunity.
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